Toyota Motor Corp. will embark on a sweeping engine and drive train overhaul to replace at least 60 per cent of its lineup in major markets by the end of 2021 with greener, yet more exhilarating, power plants.

By that time, Japan’s biggest automaker will introduce 17 versions of nine new engines, 10 versions of four new transmissions and 10 versions of six hybrid systems.
To bolster development of its trademark gasoline-electric hybrid technology, Toyota will also boost the number of people working on hybrid development by 30 percent through 2021.

It will also tap Toyota Group companies, such as suppliers Denso Corp. and Aisin Seiki Co., earlier in development to better spread the spiraling costs of new technologies.
The ambitious road map to new engines was unveiled last week by Toshiyuki Mizushima, a former Aisin Seiki executive who was brought to Toyota last year and appointed in April as president of the newly created Power Train Co., an in-house company responsible for engines and transmissions.