A tortoise that had to have its leg amputated after a vicious dog attack is back on its feet after having a wheel fitted – made out of a LEGO. Little seven-year-old Vince escaped from his home and was found injured by neighbours missing his front leg. The animal was taken to the vet in Banbury, Oxon, where owner Kara Paynton, 33, was told her beloved pet might die.

Vets operated on Vince, who is just 13cm long and is 10cm wide, and saved his life by amputating his leg. But the procedure left the pet crippled and barely able to walk. A veterinary nurse told Kara that she knew an engineer called Nathan Portlock-Allan, who also owned a tortoise who might be able help.

The stranger then offered his services to Vince by constructing a prototype foot out of a toy Lego wheel which he attached with rubber bands. The contraption allowed Vince to slowly get back on his feet and he is now well on the way to recovery, moving freely around his home.

“It was custom-made so it fit Vince exactly. Nathan is going to make a permanent wheel to be fixed on with resin in the New Year so that Vince can walk on different types of terrain,” said Kara.