Lee Carter | Lisa Carter as a child

He has a £60,000 new body including a bionic penis – but no lover to share it with. Lee Carter is still a virgin four years after surgery enabled him to transition from female to male. The 48-year-old romantic gent wants to fall in love first and has yet to meet the right woman.

“My mates joke that I’m in the best position ever because I know what a woman wants and now I have the tackle too,” he said. “I’d love to experience sex now I finally have the right body but I’m old fashioned and I want to fall in love first.”

It took Lee three years – and five operations – to transition. Lee began hormone treatment in May 2009 to stop his periods and change his voice. In June 2010 his breasts were removed and in November of the same year he had a 12-hour phalloplasty operation to create a penis using skin and veins grafted from his arm. In May the following year he had his womb and ovaries removed and a new urination system created by surgeons. In October 2011 silicone implants were used to create testicles and in April 2012 an inflatable pump system was implanted to allow him to get erect.