Having seen the dark side of the preferential voting system across the political spectrum, there seem to be general consensus that what is ideal for the country would be a hybrid system of first-past-the-post and PR systems. The ugliest face of the PR system became manifest with bitter fighting at election times even among the members of the same party often leading to violence and mayhem.

Another negative aspect that has been often highlighted by the people is the disadvantage of not having a particular member to address the issues of a given locality because under the PR whole district is considered an electorate.  The PR system also gives opportunity for corrupt candidates who are unpopular in their own locality to win votes from the rest of the district by throwing money. Thus, the system facilitates the easy entry of undesirable elements who have no education but enough funds to spend.

These are some of the reasons that triggered the call for reintroduction of the ward system in local government elections based on first-past-the-post voting. However, with the present delay in holding local polls often attributed to non-completion of re-demarcating electorates and wards, suggestions have been made that elections should be held on the existing PR system this time as well. Those asking for this tries to justify their demand on the basis it is better to have elections on whatever system than postponing it indefinitely.

There are also allegations that the government is making use of the delay in delimitation of electorates to postpone the local polls because of their inability to face people with rising prices of commodities and the burdens heaped on them. While it is morally wrong and undemocratic to restrict the people of their right to vote, a government that came into power on a promise of changing the electoral system has a greater responsibility to hold elections on the modified system.

Moreover, if the intention of the government is to cleanse the electorate as promised and ensure that better quality representatives are elected to the local bodies there should not be any purposeful delay in holding elections. And if elections are to be held mid next year as currently speculated they should be held on a mix of PR and first-past-the-post systems.