Seasons’ Greetings!
Is that Christmas tree up and about now, with the shimmering lights and the little Santa’s and stars hanging on it. Come on, whether you like it or not, Christmas is a season for everyone whether you are a Catholic, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu! It’s the time of the year to glam up even at home, redecorate your house for the season and pretend it’s snowing. Well even though snow does not have anything to do with Christmas, we miss it don’t we? It’s time to go shopping for deco for your home, yourself and food. The best thing about the festive season is that we can have all the excuses to indulge in our yummy delicacies.  There are two different kinds of people.

1. People who stay in (home) on Christmas day and enjoy
2. People who go out to party and enjoy

Whichever ones you are, you can dress up to fix your mood, because you are special and the world is your runway!

People who go out partying
If you are one of those party animals, go for the Christmas vibes and select shimmery outfits! Attire should always depend on the type of function. Christmas Eve dinner

The key here is elegance. Red, Silver, Black, Green are preferable colours.

Lace dresses
Slip dresses
Off shoulder mini dresses
Jersey dresses
Body-con dresses
LBD (little black dress)
Pair these with nice pumps or sandal heels and jewellery.

Christmas Party
Holiday parties are your time to dazzle, so don’t settle for any look less than spectacular. It’s a sparkling season so dress up!

Wear glamourous jewellery; a statement necklace, dazzling  earrings, a chunky bangle. If your dress has a shimmery glittery neckline, avoid a necklace. Go for small dazzling earrings and a chunky bangle. If it’s a simple dress, play with your jewellery, be the chic and glistening queen of the party!

For Christmas parties, depending on the crowd and the ambiance choose the length of the dress. If it’s a dinner dance or ball, elegance is important, therefore go for the dinner dresses. If it’s a DJ in the house and rocking it to the music, an LBD or a red dress would be awesome!

Few tips
Sequins are an excellent option. You can wear a sequined blazer or skirt/shorts/shirt it all depends on what item you like.

Red dresses might seem cliché but they are amazing for Christmas season. Pair them with beautiful jewellery and bold makeup.

Try not to wear jeans to avoid looking too casual which is not a right option for Christmas Dinner.

You can also make a statement with a stand out blazer, but keep everything else simple

Statement jewellery is also a must, just as I have pointed out before. They can take your casual outfit to a whole new level!

Be inspired, dress well this season, Christmas comes just once every year, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy it.

People who stay in on Christmas
Maybe you are expecting people to join over for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply you enjoy the day with your family. If it’s you and your family, you still can enjoy the day and breathe in the positive energy by starting the day off with a simple dress. A homey dress which doesn’t look too dressy but suits the ambiance of the house and family; a sweater dress, a cotton summer dress, flannel dress, lace swing dressor maxi shift dress.

Well, if you don’t want to wear a dress and more in the mood to be in pajamas, that’s fine too, but ladies make the day special and go shopping to buy nice pajamas. Add a cardigan or a nice sweater to add a nice vibe. Surprise your family with the fashion sense and
positive vibes.

If your friends or relatives are coming over for lunch or dinner, go all the way and dress up nicely. Feel Christmassy! The dresses mentioned above would look good for a lunch get together. For dinner go for a bit of shimmer. Shift dresses, A line dresses, Maxi dresses, body-condresses are fine too! Go for colours like red, white, silver, black and gold. Add nice jewelry to complete the look. Since you are at home go for dainty ones or if you are all up and it’s a celebration chunky hand jewelry and chunky earrings would do. Minimalistic is better because, less is more!

Here is a kind word to everyone Ladies, gents anyone reading this article; it’s a new year and it’s the season for giving and sharing. All is well and good for most of us, but don’t forget the needy and the less fortunate. Donate the ill-fitting, never-worn, never-will-wear clothes to people in need.

Spread the Joy of Christmas in its
true form! Toodles!

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