A wedding is the most important event in an individual’s life. It is not just an event, but a celebration for the families involved. Gone are the days when the marriage ceremonies were simple and limited to family members and friends. Today’s commercially-driven world, along with the reach of social media, has given a whole new dimension to weddings.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to make your special day memorable. But making it special does not mean that it has to be a grandiose event. There are several things that are done in order to make it grand. It ends up perfect, but by the end of it, the couple and the crew are exhausted. Here is a list of frivolous wedding customs that have become the craze as of late.

Dear girls and bride-to-bes. Yes, you should be attractive and therefore apply makeup. But sometimes, an overdose of makeup can be a turnoff. Yes you would still look gorgeous, until you smile. Then the cracks appear on their faces as if it was the epicenter of a magnitude 9 on the richter scale. Makeup is so intense sometimes that the bridesmaids cannot open their mouths to eat so they have to sip dextrose to keep them from collapsing during the ceremony. It’s a wedding. It should make you feel light and chirpy, not stiff and heavy.

Pre-shoots have become a fad in the recent times. Pre-shoots are done a few months before the actual wedding date. People do it a lot these days. But, before you plan to do it, think. Think whether you actually need to do it. Think whether you can actually fit in something like that in your already busy schedule.

A lot of planning actually goes into it. You need to think of the location, costumes for the couple, transport and makeup. Apart from the hassle, the cost of all those stuff could be an additional burden.

Another thing that couples opt for is the reception dance where the bride, groom and the crew take the stage for a special dance. It sounds cute. But then again, think of the effort, and the time you have to allocate for practice, payments you have to make for dance classes.

Dress rehearsals
Although this trend is yet to catch up in Sri Lanka, many are opting for dress rehearsals. There were much simpler times where you had the wedding in one go, and they were memorable too.

Extravagant cards and cake boxes
Invitation cards need to be attractive. But they do not have to be extravagant. No one, except you, will keep the invitation cards. They are thrown away. The same fate befalls the fancy cake boxes. There are those who eat the cake and throw the boxes. Then there are those who feel sorry for the boxes because they look so gorgeous and take them home and keep them in their fridges, true story.

Thank you cards
Come to think of it, do you really have to give away thank you cards to all guests? What are they going to do with them? Think about it.

Personal loans
Whatever you do, do not go for loans. You wouldn’t want to be in debt when you start your life anew with someone special would you? Try to manage your finances. Have a wedding with the money you have, even if it is the simplest of weddings.

Today there are many albums. You get a CD with your photos, so, you could send them to your relatives abroad. There is the actual wedding album which you can keep at home and show to people who visit you. Then there is a handy pocket-sized miniature version which you could carry around and show in case you bump into those who could not make it to the wedding.

Wedding planners
In this day and age where you are too busy with your workload, wedding planners are a blessing. But, do you want to alienate yourself from planning the most special occasion of your life? To an organizer it is just another event.

Keep in mind
1. It’s your wedding: Remember it is your wedding and take control of the process. The views of relatives and friends do matter. But do not let them confuse you. Plan it the way you want.

2. Do not complicate things: You would want to do a lot of things in order to make that day a very memorable one. But in the process, you might complicate it with too many items. Keep it simple.

3. Delegate duties: The best way to make sure things get done is to delegate duties. You need to get the right person to do the right thing. Plus, you have to keep a tab on the process.

4. Avoid unwanted expenses: How do you figure out what is unwanted in a wedding. Everything would seem important when you start out planning your big day. However, as you progress you would learn to prioritise.

5. Do not get inspired by other weddings: Come up with your own plan.

6. Do not try to outdo: Do not try to outdo a wedding that you have recently attended. They did what they wanted to do. You should also do the same.