Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government, President’s Counsel Faizer Musthafa said that the country couldn’t be protected without protecting the environment at a function held in Homagama.

The function organized by the former chairman of the Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha, Indika Koralage, which was presided by Minister Musthafa, was held at the playground of the Lenagala Junior School to distribute compost bins to 1,200 families in the Homagama electorate. Chief Minister of the Western Province Isura Devapriya, Secretary of the Homagama PS, Dharmani Wijeratne and many other officials also participated at the event.

Four million rupees was spent by the Solid Waste Management Centre of the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government to distribute these compost bins free of charge to 1,200 families in Nawalamulla and Walpita Grama Niladhari areas in Homagama DS division. The Solid Waste Management Division of the Ministry has so far distributed 15,000 bins island-wide at a cost of 54 million rupees.

Addressing the meeting the Minister said, “The environment of the whole world is at the risk of deteriorating. We all should commit to protect the environment. If we fail in this endeavour, we may fail to protect our country as well. We intend to expand the programme of segregating solid waste to Town Councils and Pradehiya Sabhas after identifying the practical shortcomings in the pilot programme. Without proper disposal of garbage we cannot protect the environment. Making the best use of these garbage bins, do your bit to preserve the environment,” the minister appealed.