Inspired by the enchanting seasonal markets of Europe, Cinnamon Grand is once again set to transform their Courtyard space to a beautiful Christmas Market with plenty of fare to enjoy.

On from December 16 till Christmas Eve from 10.00 a.m to 10.00 p.m, speciality festive food and beverages from the likes of Germany, Italy, Britain, Austria and Scotland will be available here. Creating an atmosphere of a bazaar, patrons walking in will be embraced with the rich Christmassy aromas of chestnuts roasting, freshly baked breads and cookies.
Having prepared for this Market for months, the Grand chefs will put on ten stalls, featuring festive breads, butcher’s smoke meat house, smoked fish, charcuteries, Italian pastas and cheese, variety of roasted nuts, homemade jams and marmalade, Christmas cookies, candy, seasonal kitchen food corner, and special sandwiches.

Home-smoked meat range inclusive of lamb leg ham, beef ham, pork legs, pork knuckles, marinated chicken halves, chicken winglets, garlic lamb sausages, chilli herb sausages and Italian parma ham are part of the menu. Cold-home smoked salmon, eel, seer fish, tuna fish, sail fish, red snapper, garoupa fish, red mullet, modha fish fillet and paraw fish will also be available at the Christmas  Market with signature horseradish crème sauce.
The Christmas kitchen food corner has an array of German and British items, turkey stuffing, Christmas veggies along with gravies and sauces. There will be Bavarian read dumplings, red apple cinnamon cabbage, spätzle German traditional pasta, demi-glace, pickled herring fish and sweet German mustard from Germany; while from the great Britain there will be mutton mice pies, turkey or ham pie with gravy, cranberry sauce, mini gravy, tarragon jus, bread sauce, brandy butter and sauce.

From the homemade jams and marmalade section, one can expect exotic berry, star fruit, dragon fruit, lemon, strawberry and pineapple jams and mango, sour orange, caramelised apple marmalades. Homemade coconut and caramelised banana spreads have also been prepared by the Grand chefs. Roasted hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts along with a variety of flavoured nuts (chillo, curry, salted, sugar coated, caramelised) can also be bought here.

A candy house with caramel, nut an herbed bonbons; lemon, mint, coconut, berry, orange-cinnamon and pineapple candies, assorted Turkishlokum; and a cookie house with gingerbread hearts, anise cookies, cinnamon cookies, spiced cookies, vanillekipferl, chocolate, gingerbread and almond cookiespresents some unique Christmas gifts for kids.