Aries: Metric-based cycling
Metric-based cycling allows you to monitor your progress and engage in a little friendly competition.

Taurus: Outdoor boot camp
Clocking a hardcore workout of burpees, push-ups, and planks while still connecting with the earth is the perfect balance for the persistent, yet patient, Taurus. Many of these workouts have you rising with the sun, too, giving your day a rejuvenating start.

Gemini: Pilates
Pilates classes equal prime time for focusing on your breathing, and the regular flow of movement keeps your mind engaged—leaving little room for it to wander.

Cancer: Variations of yoga
If you’re looking for a workout that focuses on the inside along with the outside, yoga is your match. It’s an all-inclusive body workout that has a continuous flow of energy and allows you to get in touch with your full body and soul, if you’re fully engaged.

Leo: Dance classes or Zumba
If you like to put on a show, try a dancing studio where every workout will feel like a performance. Incorporating choreographed dance movements, whether basic or challenging, with high-impact aerobics gives you a fun and exciting cardio class that encourages you to sing along while you sweat.

Virgo: Core exercises
One of the main benefits of core work is its ability to put you in touch with your gut and instinct.

Libra: Barre
With barre, the focus is on isolating muscles and firing them up through small, isometric, low-impact movements. You’ll benefit from strength training sections that focus on women’s trouble zones: hips, thighs, butt, abs, and arms, followed by stretch sections that help lengthen your muscles.

Scorpio: Water workouts
It’s all about the adrenaline rush for you, and working—or running—it out reminds you that you’re in charge. Recommended: Swim laps.

Sagittarius: Fusion
Fitness classes that combine tons of different techniques will burn a massive amount of calories while reducing stress and helping you find balance. Combine yoga, martial arts, core fusion, gymnastics, and meditation into a high-intensity cardio and strength workout, pushing your physical and mental limits.

Capricorn: Challenge
To build up your body’s endurance, slowing down your workout may be the way to go. Forcing your muscles to work at a slower pace will activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers, thus leading to long, lean results. It enables you to be more precise with movements and is more likely to avoid injury.

Aquarius: Team fitness classes
Competing as a team pushes people to work harder than they might otherwise have if they were working out alone. The team holds you accountable to work your hardest, but is also there to cheer you on and support you every step of the way. A high-intensity workout coupled with the team spirit and fierce music, will get Aquarian hearts racing!” Set up a charity ride for your next fundraiser to get the biggest heartwarming bang for your buck.

Pisces: No pain workout
Avoid anything that pushes you to the point of pain. Go for the softer more intuitive forms of exercise that engages the mind, spirit and body. Pisces love activities that involve water; surfing, swimming, water polo, water aerobics, so these are good options.
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