Amãna Takaful PLC launched a new insurance scheme for ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ drivers that includes a host of eventualities, to ensure that at any point in time, the ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ Driver is shielded from loss. ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ covers natural perils, riot and strike, third party property damage for up to Rs. 300,000 and hiring cover. In addition to this, ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ extends a comprehensive insurance cover against personal emergencies such as disability or hospitalization. This value proposition for 3- wheel owners and its drivers is the most attractive in the market and takes into account all the challenges faced by the drivers on a daily basis, to ensure their livelihoods are sustained.

In terms of personal cover, the ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ scheme offers Rs. 100,000 in insurance cover for 38 critical illnesses; Rs. 25,000 for funeral expenses for owner/named driver, spouse and children; Rs. 300,000 for permanent total disability due to accident and sickness; Rs. 300,000 as death cover; Rs. 750 upto 10 days as loss of income due to hospitalization and Rs 1,000 up to 4 days loss of income due to unavailability of the 3-wheeler.

In essence, ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ ensure that its customers have an all-encompassing safety net in times of hardship and that customers do not suffer from inadequate insurance cover that does not take into account the harsh realities they have to combat on a daily basis.