Prince Harry is just swoon-worthy! Last week, the ginger prince wrapped up his tour of the Caribbean with a candid interview by a young local in Guyana about what it’s like to be a royal. Thankfully, the entire conversation was caught on camera and shared on the Kensington Palace’s Twitter account.

In case you are having trouble hearing the convo, the young girl starts by first asking Meghan Markle’s man about Buckingham Palace — to which he replied: “The queen spends quite a lot of time there and the food is delicious.” We bet! After being quizzed on the number of maids the palace has, Harry quipped: “I don’t know, probably not as many as you think.”

The interview took a HIGHlarious turn when his interviewer asked Prince William’s bro what it was like to ‘rule’ the United Kingdom. He quickly clarified: “Firstly, I definitely don’t rule the country. What’s it like being a prince? Good and bad. There’s lots of privilege of course, but with privilege comes a lot of responsibility. Being a prince means you’ve got to harness all the positivity, try and encourage people to see good stuff about life.”
Perez Hilton