We’re so excited for the Mira and Shahid Kapoor episode on Koffee With Karan! Not only will this be their first interview together, this might also be the first time the public will get to hear Mira’s voice. In the episode Mrs Kapoor is not really guarded as people perceive her to be.

Mira spoke from the heart. She wasn’t guarded or measured in her comments. When Karan asked about her Delhi-based family and their reaction to her marrying a big actor, she underplayed it saying it’s not a big deal for them. “They are from a literary background and were never star-struck,” she said. There was also a lot of banter between the couple on various things, the funniest being the 13-year-old age difference between them. When asked about it, both Shahid and Mira reacted to it sportingly. The banter between the two was quite funny and at one point, Mira just turned around and called Shahid a cradle-snatcher!
Miss Malini