An animal rescue group in California spent three days attempting to catch a dog that had escaped capture for more than two years. Rescue group Hope for Paws chronicled the elaborate rescue attempt in a YouTube video as they attempted to corral the canine lovingly dubbed ‘Houdini’. The rescuers placed a trap for the four-legged escape artiste at one of its regular hangouts on the San Pedro bay.

“People at the port fed him and gave him water, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to get too close to him,” said Hope for Paws Founder Eldad Hagar. “He was just too scared.” The first day of the group’s renewed rescue attempts ended with a similar failure, as the cunning pup was not fooled by the trap.

Houdini remained skittish for a brief period after his capture, but eventually warmed up to human interaction after rescue workers ‘worked their magic’. “Houdini is doing great,” said Hagar. “He is such a happy dog, loves people, loves dogs, it’s almost weird how fast he turned around.” Rescue From the Hart fostered Houdini and the dog is now available for adoption.