No sew hand bag
Stuff required
♦ Leather piece or similar material
♦ Round plate
♦ Ribbon/tie
♦ Punch machine
♦ Scissor
♦ Marker
♦ Belt with hooks (handle)

Step 1
Put a round plate on the piece of leather (taken according to the required size of bag) and mark a circle on the leather piece.

Step 2
Cut the square piece of leather with the help of scissor on the mark.

Step 3
Now you are on the most important step of the making a handbag. Take a round piece of newspaper (equal to the size of leather piece) fold it equally making a semi circle then a pie and so on. Three to four folds are enough. Punch it in the mid of pie shape leaving one to two inch edge. Now open the folds and put the piece of newspaper on the leather piece and mark on every punch.

Step 4
Punch the leather piece on all the marks clearly.

Step 5
Take the ribbon and pass it through the holes as shown in the figure.

Step 6
Stretch the ribbon from the ends to make the shape of handbag. Knot the ends of ribbon tidily.

Step 7
Put belt on the sides of the handbag to make the handle of handbag.