Rise and Shine!
It’s the last month of the year and shouldn’t we think of getting a fresh start? Donate old clothes to the people who need them and clear out the rut in the house. Get started on a cleaning spree! Take some time off to enjoy this last month as well, because we do our best when we are relaxed.

On popular demand I’ve decided to elaborate on the work wear outfit edition. Teeny weeny details will be included, so book your tailors in this New Year to get the perfectly-tailored custom made outfits!

Let’s look at this workwear outfit.

Matching shoes
This outfit has black pumps. Pumps are a perfect option for a workwear outfit and looks extremely descent and professional and maybe a bit glammed up, too. You could style this outfit with a high heeled sandal as well. A high heeled sandal is anything that has any of the heel types listed here (high, stiletto, kitten), but with a sandal upper, which is very dainty and pretty.

Tops you can wear with a pencil skirt

Shell tops which are sleeveless with a jewel or scoop neckline which could be pulled over or buttoned at the back.

Wrap blouses are fine for a casual work wear day.
Pullover blouses which have a round neckline could work for slimmer bodies.

Body blouses are perfect for the toned body, plus sized or zero sized!

Peplum is a professional option along with tucked in dress shirts. Blousons is an over blouse with length and fullness above the waist. For blousons the fullness is usually gathered into a band.

Let me elaborate more on the cuts of the neckline and the sleeves. Sleeves could vary from drop shoulder, cap, short, elbow length, bracelet length, long or even angel. When you consider angel sleeves, you have to be more considerate about your body proportions. It’s better for a slimmer person to go for angel sleeves with a slightly fitted torso.

Neckline could be any of these; jewel, V-neck, cardigan, slit, U-necklines, square, scoop, Florentine, Boat neckline, Key hole, sweetheart or surplice.

What about the top?
Here in the demonstrated photo, it is a polka dot shirt blouse. This frames the figure perfectly and shows a feminine portrait. Further this has a high collared neck, not a very masculine type but a princess cut collar.

All about skirts!
This outfit has a skirt with a flounced hem or atrumpet cut. This is one of the coolest options to add variety to your outfits. The other common style is the plain pencil skirt; which can be midi length or just above the knee as in this.

There are different types of skirts you could match with the tops. To add variety try these skirts; Sheath or slim skirts, A line skirts, Skater skirts which can be high waist, wrap skirts, body con high waist maxi pencil cut skirts.

Try out these different styles to add elegance to your outfit.

There are some important tips to remember
Be hygienic and take care of your health, beauty and body
Nails should be clean and filed, if long manicured well
Walk with good posture Be confident
Hair should be clean and neat, properly combed
Face should be clean and pleasant  & Always wear a smile
Sit, eat, talk decently and be well behaved in general

This work wear attire has a soft pink leather satchel; it’s contrasting in colour to the attire but adds a pinch of femininity and brightness. Baguette bags, Shoulder bags, sling bags, tote bags would suit professional attire. Colours should be neutral or soft.

Earrings worn here are gold hoops, which glams up the outfit. This can be worn in silver as well. Small studs could be opted for a less dressed up look. That is a full outfit explained, affording you more choices. You’ve got plenty of variety in this big fashion world.

Take joy in investing in good clothes, that’s what makes you appear confident and convey a positive impression to people. Befriend a tailor and get those ill fitting clothes adjusted. Have a productive week and get dressed up to flaunt yourself and be happy.

Next week
We will check out how we can glam
up for Christmas! Toodles!
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