A source reveals that as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show premiere gets closer, Bella’s starting to get more and more nervous. “Bella‘s very nervous about how people will react,” said the insider. “She knows millions of people are going to be watching and judging her. She felt great after she walked in the show but the nerves are back all over again now that it’s about to get put out in the world.”

Unfortunately, trolls don’t take it easy on models, even if they’re tall, thin and gorgeous. Bridget Malcolm, 25, learned that first hand after the fashion show, clapping back at people that called her ‘anorexic’ online. Unfortunately, Bella knows that she might be in for some of those mean comments and it’s really scaring her.

We’re sure Bella was pretty nervous before the big day too, considering she was forced to come face to face with her ex boyfriend The Weeknd. The singer was performing on stage when she came out, and she had to walk right by him. They even made eye contact! If she could make it through that, she can make it through anything!
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