A Florida black bear was caught on camera enjoying some ice cream and cake stolen from a couple’s garage freezer. Mike Chindamo of Longwood said he opened the door to his garage recently after hearing a noise and immediately noticed the freezer door was open.
“I said to my wife, why did you leave the freezer door open, and just when I said that, the bear popped up from the other side, and it was absurdly huge,” said Chindamo. Chindamo said he was surprised to see what the bear chose to take from the freezer.

“It ignored all the frozen meat and all the frozen fish…it went straight for the ice cream and these zucchini cakes my wife bakes,” Chindamo said. A neighbour captured video of the bear carefully unwrapping the cake from the aluminum foil before snacking.

“What amazes me is how it opened the jar of ice cream,” Chindamo said. “It didn’t bite it or anything…it just unscrewed it, like it knew exactly what to do.” Police arrived and used an air horn to drive away the massive bruin, which did some damage on its way out of the neighbourhood.

“This bear was easily a good 450 pounds,” Chindamo said. “It took off through the backyard and crashed through the fence like it was paper…bent all the metal.”