The key to mastering the Aries look is all about how you mix and match. Go for classic silhouettes, but amp them up with the colour or pattern you choose. Since you have a knack for making simple pieces feel totally fresh, get comfortable with layering and pairing up the favorite pieces you already own.

Overtly sexy is not for you. Instead, opt for cool pieces that prove you don’t need to flaunt it all to feel confident. Since you love eye-catching items, shop for pieces you can easily mix, match and layer — think neon sweaters, wild sneakers, and
patterned tops.

Since you know how to work every style like a pro, don’t be afraid to mix it up from day to day. Find an inspiration and go for it, whether you’re in the mood for something feminine or you want to add edge with a jacket and boots. Make sure to have tons of cute bags and shoes in your arsenal, because for you, those are the key to outfit success.

Embrace the elegance of classic pieces while keeping it fresh by adding hints of color or pattern. Well-tailored staples should be your go-to when picking out what to wear. Add feminine accessories like structured bags and elegant earrings to add more personality to your look.

Don’t be afraid to put it all out there. Go for statement-making accessories, wild patterns, and extrashort hemlines. Your outfit should speak for you as soon as you walk into a room. You can rock sexy dresses like it’s nobody’s business, so keep your style loud and proud.

Opt for feminine pieces with a creative twist — think flirty matching sets, ladylike silhouettes, and vintage pieces mixed in with classic styles. Embrace pastels when choosing new clothes, but mix in punchy accessories for an extra dose of colour.

Try playing with proportions and colors to channel Margaret’s cool style — you’ll find it easy to put together playful outfits that never feel over-the-top. Layer a dress over pants or top a full-skirted look with a structured jacket for the perfect balance of feminine and edgy style.

Whatever your uniform may be, find what you like and stick with it. Try structured suits or simple sheath dresses, and then mix it up by adding accessories like cool sunglasses or a must-have bag. Play with textures and materials, but stay away from overly feminine pieces that don’t fit your work-hard-play-hard aesthetic.

Shop for classically feminine silhouettes but experiment with colors and patterns. Play with over-the-top necklaces and eye-catching bags, too — Because there’s no accessory too wild for you.

Invest in classic pieces — skinny jeans, boots, and button-downs — but don’t be afraid to step up your look with styling tricks. Belt a scarf over your favorite dress or try colorblocking from head to toe. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because with your style sensibility, it will never feel over-the-top.

Since you aren’t afraid to wear exactly what makes you happy, get busy experimenting. Combine colors, shapes, and patterns like you’ve never felt you could. Avoid items that feel too trendy, and stick with the bold pieces you truly love.

Keep an eye out for pieces that have a bohemian flair but feel new and fresh. Opt for easy pieces like pastel-colored maxi dresses, silk shirts, and cool velvet blazers. Avoid pieces that are too in-your-face — You don’t need a wild outfit to catch someone’s eye.