Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere (PEaCE) confirmed that there are more than 100 street children in and around the areas surrounding the Kataragama temple, a survey has revealed following research conducted.
A report highlighting the matter is scheduled to be released soon.
Police, recently, arrested 23 persons including nine girls and six boys who were begging near the Kataragama temple.
Co-Founder and Chairman of PEaCE, Mohammed Mahuruf said that there was also information attesting to the fact that the children were being used for purposes other than begging including sexual activities by locals visiting the area.
The children do not go to school and their parents are not interested in their education according to Mahuruf.
In one case, a girl who had a nail embedded in her body was used for begging while a nine-year-old boy and a mentally-handicapped girl had been found bound to a pole and kept naked at home while the parents worked.
The majority of the beggars are said to be Tamils who is reported have become victims of discrimination.
The contents of the PEaCE report have been discussed with Police personnel handling women’s and children’s affairs. -RLJ