The annual get-together of the Past Cricketers’ Association of St. Sebastian’s College was held on November 26 together with family members and distinguished invitees. The purpose of this event was to establish camaraderie between past students for the benefit of potential cricket players of the future.
The get-together organised by the Past Cricketers Association, that was established in 2005, began at 7.30 p.m. with the attendance of Rev. Bro. Nimal Gunasinghe and Father Rector Ranjith Andradi.
Speaking on the occasion Father Rector Andradi expressed the importance of organising such a get-together since it aided needy children who were passionate players. He said that the game required a sense of uniformity and discipline which he hoped could be inculcated by the event.
Various competitions such as lucky draws were held during the social gathering aimed at bringing back memories.
Sentiments of the evening were summed up in a collective wish of everyone that the event would achieve their goal of helping the needy cricketers of St. Sebastian’s. They can boast of having produced some top class cricketers that represented the national team in the past and in the future.