What with the present traffic jam (where did all these vehicles come from?) many take to the marine drive when driving from Wellawatte onwards to Dehiwala and beyond. The roads that join back to Galle Road are through Vivekananda Road and Frazer Avenue.
Vivekananda Road is mercifully one-way but still the traffic cop is allowing vehicles to get into Frazer Avenue from Galle Road making it two-way which makes the traffic still more jammed. If Frazer Avenue is made one-way allowing traffic only towards Galle Road, certainly it will ease congestion. This way the vehicles can drive in two lanes so that both can get on to the Galle Road, cutting the time taken to let the Galle Road traffic to carry on.
Anyone wanting to get into Frazer Avenue can get to Ramanathan Avenue from a road prior to it from Dehiwala side and drive up. Hope traffic cops will take note.

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai