Howdy ladies!
Fashion is to look good on the outside, but do you do what is necessary to look good on the inside? Eat healthy, hit the roads for a walk, meditate for spiritual wellbeing and practice positive habits? Well, well, well. It’s high time you started living a healthy lifestyle, because you see girl the only way to feel confident and happy is to feel healthy and content with yourself. And this target is not an impossible thing to reach. It’s simply opting to live a positive life. With the healthy living comes the dressing up nicely to look good and project confidence and positivity.

Do we need to dress to impress?
You could say, yes and no. The catch is; the situation we are facing or going to face. If it’s taking your pet to the vet, you can definitely wear your sweat pants and head out of the house! The issue most of us have is; afraid of being judged wrong, well let’s face it everyone judges up to a certain extent. So even if you are headed to your grandparents house, you might need to wear something descent!

Therefore today, we are going to choose what we can wear for our jobs, job interviews and simply dressing in a professional way. First things first, whether it be an interview or your daily job or anything at all, these tips might help you get by and look descent, clean and likeable to associate.

No matter what you wear, your clothes should always be neat and clean.

Keep your shoes in good condition. Polish them and take them to a cobbler for repairs if necessary.

Don’t wear heels that are too high and make it difficult to get around.

Keep make-up, if you choose to wear it, subtle.

Your hair should be neatly styled. (Have a comb and touch-up if necessary before you begin your work day)

Nails should be clean and neat. Make sure they aren’t overly long.

Dress for the job or personality you wish to portray.

Dress length
Go for knee length, just above the knee or midi length dresses. It is important to not be too revealing as it’s a professional environment. Decency is vital as you give different
impressions to people.

Dress neckline
Not too deep. High necklines are good. If you want to have a fancier neckline, V-shaped is pretty professional if it’s not deep. Collars are a good option too.

Dress fit
It should flatter your figure, whatever shape you are. But not revealing or too tight! Always accentuate your waist or create the illusion of a slimmer waist to look neat and to show a break in the figure. Belts would look good on a loose dress.

Dress sleeves
It’s a no-no for those strappy tops. Sleeveless is fine as long as it’s not a skinny. But ultimately check for what your workplace is more inclined to like. Descent is better. Long sleeves are good to protect you from a cold environment and it can be fashionable as well. Three-quarter sleeves will be cool too.

Dress colour or print
Match it to your skin tone having the exception of you not being flashy and wearing all sequins and luminous colours to your work place. Solid colours give a more professional undertone to your dress.

Dress options
A perfectly-tailored pencil skirt
Single sole pumps
A structured tote
A cotton button down shirt
Ankle length slacks
Body con dresses

Work wear don’ts
Spaghetti straps
Out-dressing your boss
Flip flops
Short hemlines
Casual jeans
Ill-fitting or wrinkled clothes
Sexy shoes

It all depends on the work place after all. If you are a fashion designer or a model I’m sure you can wear extremely bizarre outfits! It’s a perk of your job. This was a simple guide to all you new-comers who want to dress professionally, exude confidence and portray the image you want.

Go get that job! Good luck.

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