When we think of treehouses, we tend to think of rickety huts made of wood, stacked on the big tree in our back garden. These treehouses are something entirely different. The Highlands in Nororongoro, Tanzania, is a collection of dome-shaped rooms built on top of trees in the jungle.

Each dome is perched way up high, so you get to be properly immersed in the canopy’s wildlife. You’ll also get a pretty lovely view. Inside the domes, things get fancier. Each one is open-plan and features huge floor-to-ceiling windows (so you can see that view we mentioned), king-size beds to lounge in, and roomy living areas.

Oh, and there are plenty of cosy blankets to snuggle up with in front of the fireplace, a library, and a bar. It’s basically the definition of hygge, but up in some trees. There are different sized domes with different interior styles to choose from, but they all share one key factor: Their surroundings.

There aren’t many other places where you can sleep up in the trees in the jungle, with an unobstructed view of the night sky. They’re set right on the slopes of the Olmoti volcano (which is cool in itself), so anyone who stays there can see amazing views all the way to the Serengeti. Which all sounds like an absolute delight. Except for one tiny thing. If you fancy staying in one of these domes, you’ll have to pay around £700 a night.