The Brandix Group has paid tribute to an inspirational trailblazer by naming its Head Office at Rheinland Place, Colombo 3, after the legendary business leader Ken Balendra, the Group’s first Chairman, at a simple ceremony held last week.
Commissioned in April 2015, the seven-storey building will henceforth be known as the ‘Ken Balendra Building’ in recognition of the leadership role Balendra played in the evolution and growth of Brandix into Sri Lanka’s top ranked exporter.
“The power of inspiration is central to our credo and has defined and propelled the business for many years,” Brandix Group CEO Ashroff Omar said. “Ken Balendra exemplified this during his 10-year term as our Chairman.”
Brandix also credits Balendra with instilling the best practices of boardroom governance, board discipline and direction with precise delegation, building team spirit, enhancing decision-making capabilities and advocating benchmarking with leading conglomerates.