Rory Gilmore herself Alexis Bledel, 35, stopped by The Tonight Show to discuss the Netflix event for the first time since it dropped November 25. She was tight-lipped on spoilers, but she did give us some details about how she reacted to learning the shocking final four words of the show.

Alexis revealed that she didn’t find out the big plot twist until they were prepping for GGYITL, saying that creator and show-runner Amy Sherman-Palladino, “told me and I was very shocked. She kept it to herself until the very end.” Amy has said in interviews that she came up with the final four words during season one of the show and that’s how she wanted to end the series. But she left before the show’s final season in 2007 and her vision never happened. Not only that, she never revealed the words to anyone on the cast or writer’s staff so obviously everyone was taken by surprise.
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