Sri Lanka’s newest travel startup focuses on bringing personalized travel planning for the enthusiastic traveler.

Founded by Savindri Talgodapitiya and Vindhya Buthpitiya, The Fields Travel Company focuses on making sure you have the best trip possible every time, whether you are a first-time adult traveler or an experienced jetsetter.

“What is unique about us is that we are a client-centric company, and we customize trips according to client budget, interest and requirements,” said Savindri. Apart from the planning fee, The Fields Travel Company doesn’t take any commissions from any of the vendors, ensuring that the process is completely transparent and they always prioritize quality stays and experiences, and value for money for their clients. “We encourage our clients to book online on their own once we have vetted their options for them, ensuring that they get the best rates possible,” said Savindri.

An itinerary organized by The Fields Travel Company will   include, recommendations on accommodations, flights, internal transport options according to given budget, and a client’s comfort and interests, “there also has been occasions we are coordinate special requests for our clients,” added Savindri. The Fields Travel Company also offers an insight to your trip you would not get anywhere else, as each and every trip is unique and is planned as such, thoroughly and from the ground up, based on personal insights and extensive research.

“We also provide a customized guide for our clients which includes details of key attractions, events in line with their interests including opening times, ticket prices, dress code etc,” said Savindri adding that their customized food and drink guide is a winner amongst their clients.