A tunnel has been built under a busy road so that a group of penguins can get to the sea from their nesting area without being knocked down. The blue penguins at Oamaru, New Zealand, have long risked their lives across the road, but the tunnel is already saving them.

Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony said on Facebook: ‘The blue penguins are happily taking to their new underpass – the first of its kind in New Zealand! ‘This underpass helps provide safe passage for the penguins from the harbour to their nests across the busy road.
‘To monitor the use of the passage, we set up a few cameras. With a little light at the end of the tunnel to guide the way, the little blues just waddle on through! Research scientist Dr Philippa Agnew told the Timaru Herald: ‘At the boat ramp each evening during the summer, the penguins face crowds of people trying to get close to them and also traffic trying to use the same road – an unfortunate reality of urban living.’