It was captured by tourists who were driving close to the 5,213 ft high Mount Bolshoy Iremel when the creature dashed across the road. If you look closely you can see the alleged bigfoot or abominable snowman cross from right to left in front of the car, some 22 miles from the nearest village.

Witness Vadim Gilmanov who was in the car, said: ‘It was clearly visible that the creature runs on two legs. ‘Maybe it is somebody’s joke, but who would do it in such a remote place at night?’ But Dr Anatoly Yakovlev, a zoology expert at Bashkir State University, dismissed the claims that the legendary yeti had been spotted in his region.

‘No single expert – zoologist or paleontologist – has ever found a single bone of a yeti, not even excrements, I am sorry. Nothing was ever found or seen.’ He added: ‘Usually, these sightings are some hallucinations, a product of the imagination.’