Al Azhar College Akurana

Madina Central College is a school from Kandy District and is housed at – Bambarella Road, Madawala. It is a mixed school and gives a big hand to sports, especially cricket. The school plays its big match against Al Azhar College Akurana. This encounter is named the “Battle of The Double Maroons”. This is the only big match in the country between two Muslim schools and commenced in 2008.

This school has all the essential facilities and has gained reputation and popularity in sports and education. The academic institute attracts attention of students who live in faraway places like Digana, Udathalawinna, Kandy and Katugastota due to its popularity and perfection. The school plays its cricket match against Azhar College every year, but it has now stopped for a while due to a fight which occurred at the stadium when a match was in progress.

At the beginning of every year, the school holds the annual sports meet and towards the end of the year its annual prize giving. The students have achieved a lot in studies as well as in sports. The school boasts of a rich history. Social worker Abubakkar Lebbai Sayyadhu Mohammed established this school on 2nd December 1935. The first principal was A.K. Subramaniyam. From the very first day, the school was involved in sports.

This school produced a top cricketer in Siraj Sahab who was elected as the Mobitel schoolboy cricketer in the silver division in 2014. They promote sports like Cricket, Boxing, Badminton and Volleyball. Madena College cricketers are hoping to do well in the schools cricket scene. Cricket is a popular sport here in Kandy. It is a great team sport and players do get popular.

Once again the coaching department is handled by former Trinity College cricketer E. Mohammed Najime who is a qualified level I coach. He played for Kandy Youth SC, Madawela SC and Old Madnian SC as a top all-rounder. He teaches the skills of cricket to individuals who have different abilities. He has the reputation of helping cricketers to reach their full potential. The school authorities, old boys of the school and parents of the cricketers believe he is able to deliver this season. The MIC is Ganesh Kumar who counts years of experience.

Now the Inter-school cricket season is in full swing.  Madina Central did well last season despite playing in the lower division. They are all out to turn in a good performance, both with the bat and the ball.  This season promises to be an action packed season. However, it’s sad to say that last season they played only one match, which was against Sri Rahula College Katugastota. The rest of the matches were not played. Young cricketers after months of training had to be satisfied with just this game.  This time they are pooled in the Division III. They are still to get the match schedule. This is how cricket is treated at the lower division. Who is to blame?

This time the side is led by wicketkeeper/batsman J. Inshaf. In cricket, captaincy, like coaching, varies significantly depending on the team and the level the team plays at. Cricket differs greatly from many other sports when you look at the role of the captain. In cricket, it is the captain who plays the major role. The team is very much led by the captain. The captain makes all the decisions on the pitch and is part of the formal leadership of the team off the pitch too. An effective captain is invaluable to the team. His performance greatly influences the outcome of the game.

Other players wish to see the captain lead by example and motivate the team. So, J. Inshaf has a big job to be done. He must be happy that he has a talented player in M. Thareef who last season made it to the Sri Lanka under-15 squad. The rest of the players in the squad are M. Fazal, I. Munshif, M Rikaz, M. Shafir, M. Nishad, M. Ameer, M. Dilshad, M. Arkam, M. Zahran, M. Yazar, M. Munshif, M. Munzir, M. Sahli, M. Harith, M. Aadhi, Fairoos Deen, M. Musthafa, M. Rishad, M. Inshaf, M. Mahdi, M Feroz and M. Hifny.

Madina Central College Madawala
Madina Central College Madawala