Cancer is still a disease that sends a chill down our spine even at this 21st century. We have assumed it is almost untreatable. Even palliative treatment is astronomically expensive at times.

But there is a sure method which had been known to mankind but studiously avoided – may be due to the disbelief at the mere simplicity of it. There are many conspiracy theories that the drug companies do not allow these ideas to be propagated. Nonsense, it is we who pooh-pooh the easy methods and go for difficult means.

Just eating 100 grams of manioc – cooked in any way you like with spices, if necessary, except frying, three times a day for one month is said to eradicate even late stage cancer. It is cheap, can be bought anywhere very easily, or even can be grown in our own back garden even in a flower pot, harmless, no side effects even in a diabetic – can be taken even with anticancer medication. Only precaution is not to take ginger with it since it can be deadly.

So what are we waiting for? Why not tell every single person who has cancer or even have family history of cancer to get down to it?

Since there is ample reports on studies of it why not make it a staple diet in our cancer hospital? We can easily sustain it if only the authorities will give permission. After all this will not harm the patients in any way and even help ease the expenditure on food for the patients.
Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai Dehiwala