Kandy SC and Police SC will be determined to get their campaigns on track when they battle on Saturday at Nittawela. The kick-off is at 4 pm. So how can the defending champions Kandy SC get the better of Police SC? Well, the key areas of the game remain the same no matter how these two teams match-up. Kandy SC who have won two games and lost one, should be at their best. Police SC have lost all three games they played.

Kandy SC players believe that statistic is about to change in this game and are quietly confident ahead of this game. The Policemen form a good team and are playing a very physical game. The battle between the two fly-halves will be the cynosure of the game.
The Kandy SC coach knows that the more you are flexible when you move and think, the quicker you will be on the field. As for Kandy, ball handling skills are fundamental to their success. Kandy players are good at ball handling skills and maintaining possession.