Shah Rukh Khan opens up about his thoughts on the younger generation actors in an interview. His next, Dear Zindagi will release on November 25. Shah Rukh Khan has given some bang on quotes in a recent interview and one of them has made us wonder if it has ever happened to him in the first place. Yes, it has got to do with this ‘turn on’ quote that he gave to a leading entertainment daily. In a lot of instances lately, Khan has praised his co-star for being too good too soon. But guess what, more than the acting, it’s the fact that actors bring something new to the floor that impresses him.

It’s always fun to work with someone who brings something new, according to Shah Rukh. “I think actors of the younger generation feel older when they work with me. I tell them, ‘C’mon guys, you can be a little younger.’ I get really turned on by actors who are trying to do something new and not just coming on the set, saying their lines and leaving. When I see them, I feel I’m exactly like them, so I don’t feel the generation gap. Actors don’t have an age, which is not to deny my age, but I genuinely think that the maturity of your sense of acting does not define your age. I mean, you can be a very stupid actor at 51 or the other way around,” states the actor.

That was the seriousness of the quote he gave. Dear Zindagi was released on November 25. Buzz around the film is super high because it has two of the best actors of the industry teaming up for this project. This news had created quite a stir not just in the industry but also among fans. Ever since the makers announced Shah Rukh’s presence in the film, people have come up with crazy theories that they will romance each other and what not.
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