Hi. Nothing is better than knowing it’s the weekend and that we get to chillax isn’t it? Anyhow we’ve come a long way in learning of fashion and now it’s the final stage of doing your hair nice or getting the right cut. The right hairstyle not only looks great, makes us feel great and has everyone around us wishing they had the same do, but also enhances our best features.

Let’s see how to make the most out of your features.

All about Hairlines
If you have a low hairline you should look at styles that have no bangs or only have wispy ones to help disguise and flatter your low forehead.

You can flatter your high hairline by incorporating bangs into your new look. There are many types of bangs that you can try, from fine and wispy to thick and fuller.

Styles to try
Square bangs.
A sweeping bang which goes across the brow is a good styling option which will balance out any extra length that a high hairline/larger forehead can add to the face.

All about ears
If you wish to flatter your protruding ears, look for hairstyles that will cover your ears to at least half way down. Usually people that have larger or protruding ears  can show off the lobes and still disguise their size by hiding the top area. Often, a person’s ears are not evenly balanced so that one ear may appear to protrude more than the other. If this is your problem, look for styles that won’t accentuate this. Ideally the top of your ear should align with the eyebrow and the bottom should align with the nose. Your hairstyle should not draw attention to your ears. Also be sure not to cut your hair too short behind your ears when choosing short styles.

Styles to try
A bob with lots of layers will ensure that the back of your ears don’t show through your hair.

A hairdo that features strands down the front of your face and ears will create softness around your ears.

Nose issues
The trick to finding a hairstyle that suits and flatters larger noses is to find one that will take focus away from the middle of your face. Incorporating softness to your style, such as creating waves and curls or layer cutting straight hair will also help. Look for hairstyles where the hair is running away from your face and not coming forward drawing attention to your nose. Also high styles where there are no bangs create a focal point at eye level or even higher.

Styles to try
Go for a style with lots of softness around the forehead and face. This can be achieved by bangs or with layers.

A double chin
This can be soften and concealed by mid-length styles with plenty of soft layers. Stay away from very short looks.

Neck heights
If you have a short neck and wish to make it appear longer then you should look at a style that will do this. Cutting your hair shorter in the nape will lengthen a short neck.

Styles to try
Anything that is medium level with your neck or above it in length.

If you have a long neck and wish to find a style that will not accentuate length then you will need to avoid styles that are too short or upswept at the nape.

Styles to try
Hairdos that keep your length longer on your neck.

Although not really important, your height should be looked at when choosing a hairstyle. For all you ‘shorties’ wishing to appear a little taller, look at hairstyles that create more height on top that will still balance up proportionately with your face shape.

If you would like to minimize your height, you should look at styles that won’t make you appear even taller. Using your face shape as your primary guide, you should try not to create too much height on top unless you have a very short neck.

Build of the body
Those with a slim frame can look at choosing a style that is bigger in proportion.

Styles to try
Styles that are fuller and that have more volume, such as waves and curls, layer cutting on some hair types will also work best.

Being in the middle or medium size is great because you can have large hair or small looking hairstyles.

If you would like to minimize your build, don’t choose a style such as full high hair as this will make you look even larger. Also, be particularly careful when choosing wavy or curly styles as they do create a bigger illusion.

Styles to try
Most short cuts are fabulous for your frame. It’s just a case of having enough courage to take the plunge.

Okay so my point is this is all well and good. But you know the easy way? Go to the right hairstylist and they will do the best for you. This is a guide for all you starters to know what’s nice on you, later when you head to the salon make sure you give your suggestions as to what you like too. Who knows maybe that haircut you fancied suits you after all.

Next week
We have for you, all about office wear. The dos and the donts. It’s the official guide to all beginners and fashion lovers.

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