Nov 27

“Dear Children, Sincerely….” is a project that collects the stories and experiences of the elders of society and takes them to young people in the form of storytelling and live performance.

A theatrical production of this work has been sponsored by the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) and will be staged on November 27 at the University for Visual and Performing Arts. Entrance is free of charge and the performance will begin at 7.00 pm.

This project is based on long conversations with a cross section of the generation born in the 1930s. This remarkable generation, who are now nearing the end of their lives – would have lived through the entire history of modern Sri Lanka – colonialism, independence, the insurrections, the civil war, the technological revolution and post war Sri Lanka.

They are responsible for setting up some of the foundations of our society and many of the decisions that changed the course of this country.  What have they learnt?  What are they proud of?  What do they regret? What can we learn from them?

At yet another turning point in the history of our country, it is compelling to reflect, critically and creatively, on our shared histories and collective life wisdom.  This will be done by drawing on the experience of the generation that literally inherited the country called Sri Lanka. They grew up in parallel lines to this country and their perspectives would allow us access to a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the various events and people that have helped shape this country’s past and present.

The ‘Dear Children, Sincerely…’ project was launched in Sri Lanka in 2014 by playwright and Director Ruwanthie de Chickera and the Stages Theatre Group. De Chickera stated: “Earlier this year the ONUR approached us to stage this show as part of their larger programme designed to promote reconciliation and peace building through the arts – a programme we are very pleased to be part of.”

This new phase of the project will be produced in collaboration with Tracy Holsinger and the Mind Adventures Theatre Company.  The cast consists of 15 Sinhala and Tamil actors.
Entrance for this performance on November 27 at 7 pm is free. Audience members are requested to contact 076 878 1095 to reserve tickets. The University for Visual and Performing Arts is located at Horton Place, Colombo 7.

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