Women In Management (WIM) is celebrating its Members’ Night on December 2, 2016 at the Jaic Hilton from 7.00 p.m. onwards.

This year, the WIM executive committee has decided to make a difference to their Members Night by deciding to encourage young dynamic men and women to look at the success of their careers and businesses together as a team.

This is by taking out the prevailing myths away from their minds like if a man has to be successful he should have a home-stayed wife to look after their children while they strive for success. Or, if a woman has to be successful, she should be unmarried, divorced or separated and not having children.

In Sri Lanka, productive population between the age group 15–65 years, counts a ratio of 100 men to 106 women and educational statistics proves women’s participation is significantly high for the GCE O/Ls, A/Ls and University enrollment.

Yet, the productive women contribution to the economy is 33.4%. This is much lower when compared to the South Asian countries in this region. One of the main reasons in our society has very less role models to mentor them on how to build a successful family together with a business or career.

Thinking on these lines, WIM attempts to make a difference at their Members’ Night. They have invited three prominent and successful spouses of a well known businessman, politician and career-man to share their stories and values to be who they are at present. A man needs a strong woman to be successful in the same way a woman needs a strong man to stand up for her.

The WIM Members’ Night is all about celebrating love and success. WIM encourages members and non-members to attend with their spouses and friends. The evening will be followed by a gala dinner, dance and music with surprise gifts.  Tickets are available with WIM associates and those interested may contact Nilam (0772307356) or Vijitha (0777320824).