The “Trade Delegation to Australia”, organized by the Colombo Chamber of Commerce was concluded recently amidst much positive response. The delegation was organized as means of creating the necessary background for local SME entrepreneurs to enter the international market and it managed to successfully secure a number massive foreign investments for Sri Lanka. The delegation visited the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane and it consisted of Sri Lankan SME entrepreneurs of various industries, exploring business opportunities and partnerships from and to Australia. This delegation was led by Dr. Amila Kankanamge, President of CCC and accompanied by Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Governments, Faiszer Musthapha.

The delegation created a great interest within the business and political communities of Australia as one of the most successful attempts towards strengthening Sri Lanka-Australia bilateral relations in the recent past. All delegates were provided the rare and valuable opportunity to meet and develop networks with leading Australian businessmen relevant to their industries.

Dr. Amila Kankanamge and Minister Faiszer Musthapha met with the Speaker of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Hon. Telmo Languiller, at the Victorian Parliament, for an insightful discussion on how more opportunities can be created for Sri Lankan products in the Victorian market. Furthermore, a meeting was conducted with Cr. Krista Adams of the Brisbane City Council, in which matters pertaining to the promotion of trade between Australia and Sri Lanka were discussed. Here it was mentioned how Sri Lankan products can easily garner a greater demand in the Australian marketplace if they meet the required quality standards.