Howdy ladies? I hope you are all in for a healthy living and eating less carbs and more vitamins while of course exercising to keep fit. Well, to look dandy in our physique so far we’ve learnt about our body shapes and heights and how to dress to accordingly. Today we are focusing on how to look dashing and radiant by dressing accustoming to our skin tones.

To do this, first we have to determine our skin tones. To figure out your true skin tone, you need to look more than skin-deep. While the surface colour of your skin can change with sun exposure, reactions to medication or medical conditions like rosacea, your skin tone is actually determined by the undertones that come through.

First, Make sure you have no cosmetics or lotions on your face. If you’ve just washed your face, wait for about 15 – 30 mins until the redness goes away. Use natural daylight to examine your skin tone, as artificial lighting can change the appearance of your skin’s undertones.

Test – Use a plain white paper, hold it up to your skin and compare how it looks in contrast to the paper.

Results – If your skin looks yellowish, greenish or light brown, then you likely have a warm skin tone. If your skin looks pink, rosy or blue, then you have a cool skin tone. If your skin looks gray or ashen, then you are a neutral skin tone.

Next, flip your hand palm up and take a peek at your veins in the hand and wrist. If your veins appear to be blue or purple, you have cool skin. If they appear green, then you have warm skin. If it’s hard to tell one way or the other what colour they favor, then you have neutral skin.

Cool skin tone

If you have cool skin, your celebrity look-a-likes include Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Mindy Kaling and Lupita Nyong’o. Your best colours are on the cool end of the spectrum and are inspired by both the depths of the ocean and the depths of winter. Bright blues, emeralds and deep purples will look great, along with frosty shades of lavender, ice blue or pink. On the warm side, you can turn to ruby, bright rosy red or super-pale yellows. With neutrals, you can rock cool gray, bright white and navy. Try to avoid orange, tomato red and strong yellows which can clash with your skin completely.

Neutral skin tone

Your neutral colouring puts you in an exclusive club with Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Rachel McAdams. As a neutral, you can wear anything on the colour wheel — but it’s typically best to go for softened or muted versions of a colour instead of the brighter ones. Choose colours like dusty pink, jade green, corn silk yellow or lagoon blue. For neutral colours, turn to off-whites, coffee, mid-range grays and black. Oversaturated colours like electric blue and magenta can overwhelm your neutral skin tone, but there’s one big exception to this: never be afraid to wear a bright, true red — you will look amazing.

Warm skin tone

If you’ve got warm skin tones, you join the likes of Claire Danes, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. For you, the best colours are rich reflections of nature. On the warm side of the colour wheel, you should turn to red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold and yellow. You also should look great when you wear warmer versions of cool colours, like olive, moss, orchid and violet-red. Neutrals best for you include taupe, cappuccino, cream and mushroom gray. Avoid chilly colours like icy blues or jewel tones like sapphire or amethyst because they can wash you out and make your skin look gray.

Colours for everyone!

There are a handful of colours that will look great on any skin tone because they provide a perfect balance of warm and cool that won’t clash with your skin. Pure white goes great with everyone’s skin. If you find that a white garment doesn’t look quite right on you, take a look at it in natural light and make sure it doesn’t actually have cool or warm undertones that might not have been as obvious on the rack.

Light blush pink brightens any skin tone and brings out the natural glow of your face. Teal with a perfect mix of blue and green can be worn by anyone and is a great summer or winter shade.
If you want to go dark, try eggplant purple, which acts like a neutral and accentuates your skin without overpowering it.

Now we know what to wear for each and every one of our unique skin tones. By the fashion knowledge you’ve gained about body shapes, heights and skin tones you can pull off a very good outfit as of now. Give it a go this week and make the best of what you have in your closet.

For next week
I’ve lined up, how to dress according to our hair texture, pattern, colour and hair-do. After we’ve covered our physical attributes we will then move on to social factors.

Hurrah for another awesome week!
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