1Zuckerberg defends FB
In the light of the recent shocking win by Donald Trump, many are examining the information bubbles that we live in, saying that social media sites such as Facebook create worlds online where people see mostly the things they agree with. As a marketing strategy, this obviously works, but it is also said to have alienated many from hearing the viewpoints of others.

The danger of the fake news story, similar to the one about actor Denzil Washington backing Donald Trump as reported by the BBC, has also been highlighted. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has downplayed the impact of this, but many disagree. Seeing as more than half Americans say they get their news from Facebook, as opposed to news websites, the company is coming under scrutiny for its handling of this matter. In response, Facebook and Google have announced that they will not place ads for fake news sites.

2Last Harry Potter movie
Almost five years after the last Harry Potter movie was released, another one takes to the screen, albeit minus the bespectacled boy wizard whose story we followed through eight movies. Instead, the story this time is a prequel based on one of the books that were studied at Hogwarts in Potter’s time ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’.
Following Newt Scamander as he goes to 1920s America to find rare magical creatures, the story apparently lacks a villain who can match Voldemort but with at least four more movies slated to be made, we can watch and see where this goes. In the role of Newt is Eddie Redmayne, a charming British actor who taps into the magic of the J.K Rowling-penned screenplay. He’s joined by Colin Farrell, Katherine Waterson, Ezra Miller and others, making this the first Harry Potter film to be led by adults.

3Mannequin Challenge
The Mannequin Challenge has trended worldwide, with celebrities like Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres and James Cordon taking it up, along with many sports teams around the world, including an England celebration in a football match that had some viewers wondering if their TVs had frozen.

The challenge involves creating a sometimes elaborate set piece and staying still as the camera pans around the scene. Usually, Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ will be playing in the background. The trend has hit Sri Lanka as well, with teenagers posting videos on to Snapchat and Instagram, challenging their friends to do the same.

Created by a couple of teenagers in Florida in October, the resulting videos have borne comparisons to films such as The Matrix and X Men while the participatory aspect has reminded people of the infamous Harlem Shake videos.

The moon is the biggest; it’s been in a little under 70 years, as reported by NASA. Dubbed the ‘supermoon’, this happens when the moon is full just when it’s thousands of kilometres closer to the Earth than usual.

This happens regularly around the last three months of the year, but the November moon and specifically the one of last week, was particularly big as the moon reached fullness within hours of orbiting the closest it will be to the Earth. The next supermoon won’t come for over decades, in November 2034, so many took their chance to photograph the bright phenomenon, with pictures of the massive moon taking over people’s feeds on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to the day of the full moon being a holiday in Sri Lanka, many were able to view it.

5#Gilmore Girls Top4
There are a lot of people excited about the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls week. Apparently, Jimmy Fallon among that group. The Tonight Show host gave a list of his top four characters from the show, then challenged his fans to do the same.

The Facebook page of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ posted “Jimmy is super into Gilmore Girls, so he shares his top four favorite characters and invites fans to share theirs with #GilmoreGirlsTop4. The post reached 609K views within three hours, with fans listing their Gilmore Girls fav fours. It’s interesting to note that most did not mention Zach, Gil or Sookie. “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” comes to Netflix November 25.