Action and Sonakshi Sinha go hand in hand. Especially after watching Akira, I bet you wouldn’t disagree. After showcasing her fearless avatar in Akira this year, Sonakshi is all set to star in yet another action film, Force 2. The film released on Friday and from what it looks like, this one is going to be one of her best ones. “There’s a huge difference.force-2 The kinds of films Force 2 and Akira are, they are poles apart and the directors are very different and their styles are also very different. Not just that, there’s run, chases, hand-to-hand combat, car chase sequences, there are gunfights. So the kind of action is very, very different,” said the actress.

Also, this is the first time where Sona will be sharing the screenspace with John Abraham who was also a part of Force, the prequel to Force 2. In fact, John said he thinks that Sonakshi is a fantastic actor. Be it acting or doing stunts – since day one he was mighty impressed with her. “Sonakshi was fantastic in Akira…which is why when we were doing action sequence in Force 2 at that time, I told the action director make her do the action because she is fantastic and she is effortless with the action. She is not one of those dainty, dancing girls.. she really means what she does and she is just fantastic!,” he goes on to say.