8) At number eight we have the humble, yet surprisingly handy, tennis ball. Piles of post forever getting muddled or misplaced? Just cut a slit into an old tennis ball and hey presto, an instant letter holder!

7) Number  seven is a holiday tip. We’ve all experienced the difficulty of trying to find our bags on the luggage carousel. To make things easier, simply tie a bright piece of ribbon round the handles of your suitcase – it’ll make it instantly recognisable and really easy to spot amongst that sea of grey and black baggage.

6) Tip six is a great little storage trick. Having problems with clothes slipping off their hangers? Just wrap a couple of elastic bands around the end of each hanger and you’ll have no more issues.

5) Life hack number five is ideal for those of us who are little on the clumsy side. Ever hit your thumb with a hammer? Next time you need to nail something into your wall, use a clothes peg to hold the nail in place whilst hammering. Say goodbye to those bruises for good!

4) In at number four is this handy tip for keeping your keys organised. Find it hard to differentiate between your keys? Simply paint the ends of them with different coloured nail varnishes and you’ll never have this problem again!

3) Our third most popular life hack is perfect for those on a budget. Favourite pair of jeans got a zip that won’t stay up anymore? Attach a key ring to the zip, pull it up and loop it over the button. That’s it – no more problems.

2) At number two we have the ideal tip for our gadget-filled world. Want a secure stand for your smart phone? Simply grab an old cassette case, open it up and there you go – the perfect holder for your mobile.

1) And at number one, your favourite life hack is a simple D.I.Y. tip. Need to remove a stripped screw? Place an elastic band over the head of the screw and then use your screwdriver as normal. Simple but effective!
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