During a recent press meet held in Hyderabad, Gautham Menon revealed some exciting undisclosed information about AYM. Speaking at the event, GVM said, “I am glad about the response that the film has been receiving in spite of demonetization issues. Both the versions of the film looks to have clicked well among the youngsters.

The story of the film was inspired from a real life incident. A doctor (MBBS), I think he has done his house surgency and was practicing in a small village in Tamil Nadu. There were some antisocial elements who were trying to destroy his hospital and take over his land. For about one year, the doctor was fighting there. Then quietly he went, wrote his UPSC exam, became a police officer and came back to the same village and arrested those who troubled him. That was the inspiration for this film.

The first title I had in mind for this story was ‘What’s your name’ since I thought it’s a film about this girl who comes and stays in his house but doesn’t hear his name being called out.”