New four-wheelers instead of trishaws
E-card license for road violations

The government has proposed several amendments to the existing Motor Traffic Act, one of which is the registration of a new type of four-wheeler vehicles cheaper and as an alternative to the auto rickshaw or what is commonly called the three-wheeler.

Secretary to the Ministry of Transport, Nihal Somaweera said a governmental Parliamentary Ministerial  Committee has proposed three main amendments to the Motor Traffic Act.

Accordingly, the government has proposed an amendment to the Act to register the said four wheelers which would be a substitute to the three wheelers. “Currently there is no provision for the registration of that particular type of vehicle. Therefore, we have made a proposal to include that category,” Somaweera said.

Last year, a popular vehicle manufacturer attempted to register a small  four-wheeler in Sri Lanka as a substitute to the three-wheelers. However, the vehicle could not be registered as the vehicle belonged to the category   of ‘quadricycles’, which was not recognized in Sri Lanka.  The amendments also provide for the inclusion of demerit points in the driving licence whereby points would be knocked off the licence for any violations of road laws and rules.

The National Council for Road Safety (NCRS) said that work had already commenced for the introduction of the system by the second quarter of next year.

According to Dr. Kodagoda, the chairman of NCRS, an electronic card (e-card) which contains 24 points would be issued instead of the driving license that is presently being used. Points are to be knocked off per infraction. Once the points fall to zero, the e-card which is the license gets cancelled.

The Department of Motor Traffic which engages in the registration of vehicles too is working in this regard.