Cadillac announced last week that the company’s flagship CT-6 Plug-In Hybrid sedan will go on sale next year in the US.

Even though the CT-6 Hybrid’s styling, performance, luxury amenities, and technology are immensely impressive, many will over look those attributes.

Instead, the focus will be on its place on birth — China.

While non-hybrid versions of the CT-6 sedan are assembled by the good people of Michigan at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck plant, the new Plug-in Hybrid will be produced at GM’s Shanghai production facility.

The decision to base production of the CT-6 hybrid in China is rooted in pragmatism. More specifically, most of the CT-6 hybrids built will remain in China for local consumption. As a result, it makes much more sense to build the cars where the majority will be sold. This saves on shipping and allows GM to take advantage of lower labor costs in China.