hamilton-mixtapeHamilton Mixtape
After months of teasing, creator of the hit Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ Lin-Manuel Miranda released the track list and two songs from the ‘Hamilton Mixtape’. Miranda has said that the musical itself is a tribute to hip-hop and it seems fitting that it managed to spawn a tribute album of itself, packed to the rafters with stars of all genres.

The first two singles to drop were ‘My Shot’ by The Roots (also known as the band on Jimmy Fallon’s show) featuring Busta Rhymes Joell Ortiz and Nate Ruess of fun and a version of ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ by pop veteran Kelly Clarkson.

The news immediately began to trend with all the artists releasing the names of the respective tracks they’ve worked on. The list includes John Legend, Alicia Keys, Regina Spector, Ben Folds and more. The album proper will be released early December.

amaradeva WD Amaradeva
WD Amaradeva, the legendary and much celebrated Sri Lankan composer and vocalist passed away at the age of 88. An outpouring of love for his work followed on social media. The great artiste was one who defined Sri Lankan music, elevating it to a higher standard by using traditional folk songs in his work while incorporating other elements into it as well. Many on-line spoke of how he shaped their musical experiences and they had great respect for him. More than 60 decades of his music meant that many across generations were inspired by him and so many mourned the passing away of the artiste.

doctor-strangeDoctor Strange
Marvel’s latest entry into its ever expanding movie universe was ‘Doctor Strange’, a movie unlike anything they have done before. While earlier films have stuck mostly to Earth or Thor’s home world of Asgard and other parts of Space in Guardians of the Galaxy, ‘Doctor Strange’ takes the action to the astral plane with mind-bending visuals and magic. It’s a gutsy move that takes the superhero franchise away from the punch ups and bright costumes of the earlier films – though the costumes are no less impressive.

The story follows Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, a renowned surgeon who loses the use of his hands and tries to find healing elsewhere. Joining him are Tilda Swinton, Chiwetal Ejiofer and Mads Mikkelson. The origin story has raked in millions at the box office and the character will be an interesting addition to the Marvel universe.

animal-fight-nightAnimal Fight Night
National Geographic released a video from their show ‘Animal Fight Night’ that immediately started trending because if the hilarious situation in the video – a penguin comes home to see his wife with another penguin. The comical situation aside, the viral video then goes on to show the two penguins engaging in a brutal fight – with the penguin dubbed the homewrecker winning. Of course, people on social media began to create memes and even fake accounts for the birds, with most siding with the poor penguin that got such a nasty shock when he came home.