Valiant shuttlers of the McLarens Group emerging as overall champions at the 33rd MBA Inter-Firm Team Badminton Championships 2016 held at the Mercantile badminton courts and concluded on October 30.

Through fierce competition and high tension matches the McLarens shuttlers fought their way to the trophy with their skill, sheer force of will and unwavering determination to win the overall championship along with the most prestige’s titles on the respective divisions.
Many of the McLarens Team members were amongst the divisional victories and podium finishes and won first place in the Men’s A Division and Women’s A Division.

McLarens also won in the Men’s B, Men’s Veterans A and Women’s over 35 (Veterans) divisions.

Second place victories yielded the Men’s Masters and Men’s F divisions with a third place victory claimed by the Women’s B division and additional fourth place podium finishes in the Men’s Veterans A and Women’s A division totalling ten podium finishes in the entire tournament.

The McLarens Group shuttlers also won special awards for their outstanding skills. Those who won special awards are: “Best Player Awards” by divisions to Sachin Dias (Men’s A), Thilini Hendahewa (Women’s A), Ovin Ratnasekera (Men’s B), Upendra Jayawardena (Men’s Veterans A) and Kaushali Dissanayake (Women’s over 35 (Veterans).

The tournament comprises of over 60 companies and 218 teams competed in 19 categories.