The National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) has proposed a fresh survey of landslide prone areas following inclement weather conditions experienced in several parts of the country recently.

Director General, NBRO, Dr. Asiri Karunawardena said that the proposal intended to study the existing situations pertaining to landslides and to find out new locations which would be prone to landslide threats in the future.

“We are looking at how we could find a long-term solution for this issue. We are looking at various mechanisms from soil nailing to vegetation to stop earthslips,” he said.

He pointed out that while there were measures already in place in residential areas, adequate focus had not been given to earthslip threats in non-residential areas. “We are talking about areas which are not populated, but have railway lines running across them,” Dr Karunawardena said. He added that train transportation is severely affected in times of landslides.

“We are looking at how we could redesign the draining system and divert water flow away from these lines. We have also sent a copy of the proposal to the Railways Department for their views and proposals,” he said.