Duvernay with the RTC staff up in Nuwara Eliya

Just as shoes play such a vital role in the performance of athletes all over the world, so does shoeing of Race horses that can make or break a thoroughbred’s chances on the track.

Royal Turf Club (RTC) in Nuwara Eliya played host to Bernard Duvernay, who is a master farrier, who lives in Geneva. Bernard paid a visit to RTC on November 3.

An international celebrity, Duvernay heads the Flying Anvil Foundation, formed with the objective of promoting the professional competence of farriery across the globe.

Duvernay held a workshop in Nuwara Eliya where he shared his expertise and knowledge with local farriers.

It was an incredible learning experience for all horsemen as Bernard explained the finer points of what shoeing and farriery were all about.