Not every sign is suited to academic study; however, every sign is capable of it. Here is a look at what subjects the different Zodiac signs might be good in and what academic disciplines best suit each.

The Aries individual loves history, math, and music. They often display incredible memories and memorization abilities. In the Humanities, they are interested by philosophy and archeology. In the Social Studies, they lean towards political science and sociology. Applied sciences, such as environmental studies or public administration, also interest them this sign which is fascinated with how people rise to power and theories about control.

The Taurus individual has a strong analytical mind. In the Humanities, they are inclined towards the visual arts as they are ruled by Venus and love beauty. In the Humanities, they are best suited to geography. Other sciences that appeal to this practical sign are chemistry, earth sciences, computer sciences, education, transportation, and military sciences. The Bull is also a natural teacher.

This sign is famous for loving literature and art. They tend to focus on the Humanities, such as the performing arts, history, and languages. They also are well suited to the social sciences of anthropology, archaeology, gender, and sexuality studies and psychology. The most logical of Gemini’s enjoy the study of architecture and design, law, and journalism.

This sensitive individual tends to focus on the humanities as an area of study. They excel at languages and linguistics, philosophy, and religion. Psychology, sociology, space sciences, forestry studies, human physical performance, and social work also interest them. Many of them also make good doctors or teachers because they are such compassionate individuals.

This extroverted individual enjoys the Humanities and excels at the performing arts and visual arts. They are also good at geography economics and political science. Many are fascinated with space science and chemistry. Other suitable areas of interest for this ‘hands-on’ aggressive sign are business, engineering, physical recreation, law and military sciences. They are good at athletics and many can make careers out of studying agriculture.

This practically minded individual is not that interested in the humanities and instead prefers to focus on areas of study such as chemistry, physics, and logic, mathematics, statistics, and systems sciences. They also make good teachers and administrators. In the social sciences, they prefer economics and gender and sexuality studies.

This expressive sign does is usually interested in the performing arts, visual arts, literature, and history. In the sphere of the social sciences, the sign of balance excels at archeology, economics, geography, psychology, and sociology. Many of them also are interested in space sciences and earth sciences. Engineering, consumer science, and library and museum studies also suit this multi-talented sign.

The Scorpio individual is inclined towards the humanities and interested in history, anthropology, archeology, economics, performing arts and religious studies. Many of them make good doctors or researchers and are interested in the health sciences. Disciplines such as chemistry, physics, military sciences, and family and consumer science also interest this multi-faceted Zodiac sign.

This sign is interested in almost every subject available to study, but more inclined to be interested in history, languages, linguistics, philosophy, and religion. They are also very interested in geography and political science. They are adept at learning languages and also adapt well to new cultures and ideas. The Archer is a student of human nature which draws them to disciplines such as psychology, sociology, media studies, law and law enforcement, communication, and social work.

This earth sign is interested in philosophy, languages, and linguistics. They enjoy practical areas of studies that are more contemporary, such as cultural and ethnic studies or gender and sexuality studies. They also enjoy studying geography, chemistry, physics, commuter science, logic and mathematics. Business, engineer, the health sciences, and banking suit this sign. Many Capricorns are great cooks and do well at interior decorating and fashion design.

This visionary sign enjoys studying civilization and the past, so history, languages, philosophy, religion, anthropology, archeology and cultural and ethnic studies interests them greatly. They also lean towards the visual and performing arts as well as library and museum studies. They are expert communicators so on the more practical side they make great administrators, psychologists, journalists, and social workers. They have a poetic cast that makes some of them great poets or musicians.

This humanitarian sign is fascinated by psychology, sociology, cultural, and ethnic studies, philosophy and religion. They are good communicators who are often found in journalism, media studies, or the visual arts. Fishes have a natural mathematical aptitude that makes them good at music, architecture, and design and also engineering. Many study agriculture as this sign loves animals and nature.