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Protests against the election of Donald Trump as president have swept across the US, with hundreds of people gathering in New York’s Union Square.

Thousands of pupils walked out of classes in California, protesters blocked roads in Oregon and set fire to rubbish bins in Seattle and Oakland.

A bitter election campaign has left a nation divided. The popular vote is split almost exactly between the two candidates.

And although both Mr Trump and Hillary Clinton have appealed for unity, many fear that the forces unleashed by the president-elect’s bombastic rhetoric could have explosive results.


In New York, hundreds of people assembled in light rain as darkness fell with banners reading “Not our president” and “If he builds a wall we will tear it down”.

The protesters blocked New York’s Fifth Avenue as they descended on the Trump Tower, where the president-elect was lying low.

There were reports of multiple arrests being made and a heavy police presence as units from the NYPD moved in to contain the demonstrators.

The east side of the famous street, a stone’s throw from Central Park, had been closed to the public and lorries filled with dirt were lined up in front of the building’s lobby to form a protective barrier.

In London anti-racist protesters gathered outside the US Embassy and there were reports of confrontations with members of a right-wing group, although Scotland Yard said no arrests were made.

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