The world’s tallest Christmas tree, currently being built at the Galle Face Green, with hopes of being included in the Guinness Book of World Records, is scheduled to be completed and declared open on December 1. The project has been initiated by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Catholic Society and the Arjuna Ranatunga Social Services and Welfare Society.

The 375-foot tree would be constructed at a cost of Rs. 200 million and the expenses for the tree would not be borne by the Ministry, but private sponsors. The tree will be illuminated with 800,000 LED bulbs and decorated with two million pine cones. A Santa and a sleigh is also included in the installation.

The largest artificial Christmas tree to date measures 55 metres (180.4 feet) and was achieved by GZ Think Big Culture Communication Company (China), in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China on December 25, 2015. Including the star on top, the tree measured 56 m (183.4 ft). The diameter of the bottom of the tree was 22 metres and the circumference was 69 metres. The tree was covered with green synthetic foliage and decorated with ornaments and lamps.
(Pics by Sassanda Liyanarachchi)


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  • bweera .

    In Sinhalese there is a saying “Angillata vadiye idimenna epaa” (Don’t swell more than your finger). When there are so many children suffering without basic necessities why waste money for show off? Why not use this money to make lots of children happy?

  • ali

    mahajana mudal da nethinam arjunage muda lda mema wiyadama api kemathi mema mudal arjunage wunanam paare dehiwikunala bulath wikuna aachchi ammala edawelata porakanawa ubala sobana weda karannwa ubalage moda chun nethii wenne nehe thawama ratata aadaraya karana nayako pahath wune nehey ubalawa nadaththuwa masayakata laksa 60 api janathawa karapu pawak da ban mewa madiwata laksa 5 wahana deemana ranilo may3 ubalata wediya wedakarunta wunadeya hithala wedakarapalla ayeth kiyannam thamanta salli nethiwath nehe mewa karanna arjunayagawa thiyanawa mahajana mudal deemata awasyanehe 95% wirudday rate hemoma sathutuy kerum karu salli thamange mudal wiyadam karanawanam

  • Steve Jonathan

    Come on people we have one christmas per year, it’s true we should treat poor, but look at the good side of it , if we build it an have a mass there, and present some gift to poor people instead of distroying something thats on going, people abroud will have a good impression on us. This message just ruined our feelings!.

  • Steve Jonathan

    Dont just judge, poor and rich treat them equall every .